The tour will be based on 144 players with four flights >


                   A Flight 0-5

                   B Flight 6-11

                   C Flight 12-17

                   D Flight 18 above


With more than 90 players, three flights


                   A Flight 0-6

                   B Flight 7-13

                   C Flight 14 and above



With more than 60 players two flights


                   A Flight 0-9

                   B Flight 10-above


With less than 30 players one flight



The cash payment will be based on the number of

players in each flight. Payout Structure            


The (one-time only) registration entry fee

of $150 is due by April 30TH, 2024. Membership dues must be paid before any prize money paid out. The (one-time only) registration entry fee




11.  How To Get A Beginning Handicap: 

*Carry over from 2017  Season *Submit 4-Scorecards (signed) to the League Staff to confirm your average score.

 The League reserves the right to not accept your signed scorecards after review.

*Official USGA Handicap or GHIN (Course/Club) 

*Submit 4-Scorecards (signed) to the League to confirm your average score.  Glenbrook  Golf Course 8205 N. Bayou

The League reserves the right to not accept your  signed scorecards after review.

 12 Provisional Ball: You may not return to the tee box: - We are a weekend golf tour....for speed of play, please hit a provisional shot if you think your ball went out of bounds. If your ball is in bounds you can pick up your provisional shot, with no penalty, and play your original ball. If no provisional shot is played and you realize your ball did go out of bounds, you MAY NOT return back to the tee.  Please play your next shot as a lateral hazard, but you are hitting "4" due to stroke and distance

13.  SLOW PLAY  - 20 MINUTES  

* Any Group that is more than 20-minutes behind the group in front of you after 9-holes, your entire 4-some will receive a 1-stroke penalty.     

* Any Group that is more than 20-minutes behind the group in front of you after 18-holes, your entire 4-some will receive a 2-stroke penalty. 

* You can also be assessed both penalties. 

If it is only "1" slow player in your group, you may APPEAL after the completion of your round. 

Appeals will be reviewed on a case by case basis only in the scoring area after the completion of the round and prior to the return of a player’s scorecard.  Please note that consideration will be giving for the following: 

 Your group plays in 4 hours in 30 r less

you will not be penalized

14.  No Refunds:  Once the tournament starts there is and a player has started play no money will be given back. 

15. Rules Interpretation: -   During a round, if there is a disagreement on how to apply a rule, play a second ball as well as the original ball and write down both scores on the scorecard.  Upon completion of the round, present the circumstances to the Tournament Committee made up of the League staff, and the local Club Pro who will settle all disputes and their rulings will be final.

16. GOLF GENIUS :   The correct scores must be placed in after each hole and check at the turn and before the official scorecard is turned in. The Scorecard and Golf Genius need to match throughout the round. If not a one-shot infraction will be placed on your card. It is your responsibility that they are correct before your scorecard is turned in. 


17. SENIOR AGE 65     Seniors will be allowed to play one box up in their flight but their handicap will be adjusted through golf genius. 



Regular USGA Rules Apply with Course
Rules and Regulations






Handicap is established after the third round,

6 Stroke Minimum over handicap will be applied


            Example: A) Player’s handicap is 20

                    Player shoots 75

                    Player is awarded 6 strokes

                    Player will not be awarded 20 strokes (limit is 6)


Player’s handicap is 15

Player shoots 87

Player is awarded all 15 strokes

Player’s score is 72


                For players who enter the tour without a handicap, we will use the Callaway system to establish their score.




In the event of a tie – there will be a Playoff;  only in the majors the player
who wins the first hole will determine the WINNER! 

In the event of a tie in a regular tourament  there will be a scorecard playoff.

Our 2 man best ball and other fundrasining events the purse will be divided up equally. 




In the event of inclement weather,
the missed tournament will be re-scheduled for the last two weekends before the
“Players Championship Tournament”. If
rain persists after nine holes, the tournament will be called completed and
scores tallied to determine the winner.

Every committed  player is expected to show up at the schedule course unless called off by the director. if not the player maybe responsible for the green fee imposed by the golf course. the League will not be responsible for no shows and late call offs the day of the tournament. 





  1. Cell phones on vibrate only.
  2. Dress code – Polo shirts, long pants and shorts are
     permitted. No cutoffs.
  3. Scoring HGL – Each player will be
     responsible for keeping the score of his/her playing partner. The scores must follow the guidelines of the sample scorecard above.
  4. Any discrepancies will be decided by the board; who will have the final say.
  5. Players must show up one half hour before tee time.
  6. Players must sign and verify his or her scorecard before turning it in, and once the scorecard is turned in, it cannot be changed.
  7. Slow Play is not allowed; player will be warned twice and then penalized.
  8. Balls must be marked at the start of the tournament on the number one tee box to make sure each will be playing the right  ball.
  9. Must register for each tournament two weeks in advance.
  10. Rain out tournaments will be rescheduled in between the end of the regular season and the CULTURE CUP tournament. 


  1. Will play one tee box up from the designated flight.
  2. 10% Discount on Membership fees 


The Callaway System is a handicap algorithm designed to provide a handicap estimate based on one round of play. The Callaway 'handicap' can then be used to calculate a net score for that round. The Callaway system is quite popular for company outings and tournaments where most  golfers do not have handicaps. It is also relatively straightforward to  calculate. We explain the Callaway calculation below.  The Callaway system is a "worst-holes" calculation, in that it uses up to six of the player's worst holes in a round, adjusted by a 'factor,' to obtain a handicap. That handicap is then subtracted from the player's gross score to obtain a net score.
The net scores for all players can be compared to see who will win the
tournament prize. Use the table below to calculate your Callaway handicap. First, look up your gross score on the left side of the table, and find how many holes you will need to use to calculate your handicap.
The Callaway System
Gross Score   Handicap Calculation
- - 70 71 72  

Handicap. Use gross Score

73 74 75 - -   1/2 worst hole score + adjustment
76 77 78 79 80   Worst hole score + adjustment
81 82 83 84 85   1 1/2 worst hole scores + adjustment
86 87 88 89 90   2 worst hole scores + adjustment
91 92 93 94 95   2 1/2 worst hole scores + adjustment
96 97 98 99 100   3 worst hole scores + adjustment
101 102 103 104 105   3 1/2 worst hole scores + adjustment
106 107 108 109 110   4 worst hole scores + adjustment
111 112 113 114 115   4 1/2 worst hole scores + adjustment
116 117 118 119 120   5 worst hole scores + adjustment
121 122 123 124 125   5 1/2 worst hole scores + adjustment
126 127 128 129 130   6 worst hole scores + adjustment
131 132 133 134 135   6 1/2 worst hole scores + adjustment





Adjustment factor for handicap
  • Worst scores cannot be used from the 17th and 18th holes (it is too easy to
    throw the last few holes if a golfer is ahead)
  • For any worst score that is greater than twice the hole par value, only
    twice the par value should be deducted (in the spirit of ESC)
  • Once the scores are added up, round up any fractions to the next higher
    number (e.g. a 7 on a par five that counts as half a worst score should be
    rounded up to a 4)

Finally, adjust the sum of those scores by the
adjustment factor. To find the adjustment factor, look up your score in the
above table. At the bottom of the table, in the same column, is the adjustment
factor. If your sum of worst holes is 18, and your gross score is 89, than your
adjustment factor is +1 and your Callaway handicap is 19.

Your net score
is simply your gross score minus your Callaway handicap (in the above example,
your net score is 89 - 19 = 70).

Here is an example: Imagine a Callaway
tournament where you shoot a 95. You look up in the table and find that your
Callaway handicap is your 2 1/2 worst scores plus an adjustment factor of +2.
Your four worst scores are an 8 on a par 5, a 7 on a par 5, a 7 on a par 4, and
a 7 on a par 3. But, your worst score, the 8, took place on the 17th hole and
therefore cannot count towards your Callaway handicap. In addition, because your
7 on the par 3 is more than twice the par value, it can only count as a six
towards the Callaway handicap. The resulting handicap is 7 + 7 + 6/2 + 2 (Adj
Factor) = 19. Your net score is 95 - 19 = 76.


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